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First year of Post-Doc down!

23 Aug 2012
Posted by Juan M. Banda

WOW, it has been more than one year since my last update, and while I wish I was on a beach relaxing after all the dissertation defense hell…. I have actually been hard at work on my new position as Post-Doctoral Researcher at Montanan State University’s Data Mining Lab (more info here).

Here is a picture of my walking on commencement to get my hard fought and well deserved Ph.D. degree. Notice that I don’t have the acceptable ‘penguin’ outfit with a fancy suit and everything… in my point of view, the hard and formal part of working for the degree has been achieved through hard-work and determination, so I wanted to have a more relaxed approach to picking up my achievement. Funny enough I spent the following 2 months relaxing after 3 years of stress full Ph.D work wearing only those shoes while traveling around Europe (and some Asia).

Fast-forward 12 months and I have just completed my first years as a Post-Doc at MSU, it has been a hard and heavy years with loads of things to work on and assuming a bigger leadership role. Many papers have been submitted and are on the works as well as many other activities that one does not fully realize as a student. I enjoy my position here since I can continue working on my SDO stuff, and see through many of the things that were started during my Ph.D. studies.

I have made a priority to keep this thing updated and post some more code and useful CBIR and data mining stuff in the future so stay tuned and keep visiting my site.

Also, checkout the research section, we are always looking for more collaborations and if you have something that might interest us, please contact us.